Photography to suit your needs.


Photography has always been my passion, and I have been lucky to have been able to connect my friends' sports photography needs with my abilities, and created an amazing relationship. This relationship has allowed Red5Multimedia to grow into what it is today....a well-known company in a competitive environment on the fields of Forsyth Co. and beyond. I started my professional photography career after leaving the corporate world to start my own company doing what I love. I do some side design work, but mainly focus on photography these days. I spent my first years shooting Wheelchair Basketball for Blaze Sports America. From there I made my name in Lacrosse with West Forsyth Youth Lacrosse, and the Lady Laxer teams. I look forward to getting back to the baseball diamonds here this summer, and doing some more corporate work for a few clients I have.

... and yes, Red5 was named after Luke Skywalker's call sign at the end of "A New Hope" during his attack on the Deathstar. I am a huge Starwars Nerd